What type of vehicles do you service?

We service all types of vehicles, including fleet trucks!

My check engine light is on but nothing seems to be wrong - do I need to get it checked out?

In today's vehicles the check engine light or service soon light can come on for every sensor in the vehicle. If the CEL or SES light is blinking while driving that can be catalytic damaging and should be checked as soon as possible.

What maintenance should I be doing and when?

The vehicle manufacturers provide both time and mileage based service recommendations which should be followed.

How should I prepare my car for winter?

To prepare for winter, there are a few auto maintenance items to consider. Make sure your tires and alignment are in good shape. Also, have your coolant checked and serviced if needed or at the recommended time interval by the manufacturer.

If my car is under warranty at the dealership, can I still bring my car to your shop for regular service and not lose my warranty?

We can definitely perform the maintenance on your vehicle for you. Most customers only use the dealer for recalls and warranty repairs. I recommend to customers to save their receipts so that if a problem arises they can prove they have done their services.

Should I check my tire pressures or wait for the light to come on?

You always check your tires pressures at least every third gas fill up. Waiting for the light to come on can sometimes be to late or there can be a problem with the system.